There's always a place for kids at Motion City Church!!!

During the Sunday morning worship experience, your kids will have a BLAST as they sing, dance, make friends and learn about God's love at levels appropriate for their age.

So whether your kids are newborns, 5th graders or somewhere in between, City Kids is there to love, encourage and inspire them to be all that God has created them to be!

BABY CITY - Birth through 1's

TOT CITY - 2's & 3's

KID CITY - 4's through Kindergarten

CITY KIDS - 1st Grade through 5th Grade


Connect with the church regularly [Romans 12:5].

Community Groups allow people of all ages, in every area of life, an opportunity to come together and experience true and authentic relationships.

Community Groups meet during the first week of the month in different locations and there are a variety of different groups to choose from! 

Don’t live life alone – get connected in a Community Group!