GENEROSITY - It's our privilege to give generously. We see it as an honor to be generous with our LOVE, our TIME, our RESOURCES, our TALENTS, and our ENCOURAGEMENT just as God has been so generous with us.

AUTHENTICITY - We don't compare ourselves with other people or try to be like someone else because we're secure in who God made us to be. We show authentic love to people because we've genuinely encountered the love of God in our own lives. We don't pretend to be perfect, because we're most attractive when we're authentic to who we really are. We're  honest and we're real.

HONOR - We show the love of God to people in the way we honor them. We choose to see the best in people, just as God sees the best in us. We choose to forgive people, just as we've been forgiven, and we look for opportunities to encourage those around us.

INTEGRITY - Authentic faith and authentic friendships are built from integrity. Faith that has integrity is personal and integrates our beliefs with our lifestyle. Relationships are built on trust and integrity is a key factor in that trust. If we live with integrity, nothing else matters. If we don't live with integrity NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.

COMMUNITY - No person was ever created to be an island and we believe life is more fun when it's lived with other people. One of the greatest gifts we've been given is the gift of community. It's something we lace high value on. Our desire is that as we grow in relationship with God we would also grow in relationship with others as well.  

EXCELLENCE - We always give our best, because when God created us in His image, He gave us his best. Excellence is in our spirit. We're passionate about creating environments where people encounter the love of God and discover their purpose in life. Whatever we commit to, we do it with excellence.

SERVANT LEADERSHIP - Leadership isn't a title, it's a posture of serving others. We look for ways to serve people and empower them to be all that God has called them to be. True leaders don't look for more followers, but rather look to develop and build up other leaders. We lead by example, just as Jesus did for us.

COMPASSION - When we look at the life of Jesus, we see how His compassion moved Him to action. We're a community of people that accepts others wherever they are, and looks for ways to serve people's PRACTICAL and SPIRITUAL needs. We have compassion on people, forgive quickly, and show others grace, just as God has done for us.

MULTIPLICATION - Jesus' final commandment was to go and make disciples. This is not something that a specific few have the call to do, but to each one of us who follow Christ. For this reason we believe that the church should multiply, both, on a corporate level (CHURCH PLANTING) and an individual level (DISCIPLESHIP). We are a church that values disciple making and church planting.