covid-19 church statement

Hey Motion City Church family!


We just wanted to send out an email (like many of the other emails you’ve probably received this week) letting you know about how we are moving forward with the COVID-19 situation. After MUCH prayer and thoughtful discussions as a staff and Deacon board, we have decided to postpone physical services until further notice.

Some WHY and some encouragement to you in regard to this decision:

The church exists beyond Sunday morning physical services! We are more than a one day a week gathering. WE (you, your kids, your spouse/significant other, us) ARE the church. We are not limited to corporate gatherings but exist FOR moments like this. To bring hope, light and life to the world in times of despair, hopelessness and worry. So…for the next two weeks we would encourage you to stay home and do what you can to remain healthy. We have a plan in place to remain connected and engaged with each other but more on that in a minute…

It is our job to love our neighbors as ourselves and so while we are taking a break from meeting together, let us encourage you to be aware of the people living in close proximity around you. If you have elderly or vulnerable neighbors and are at an age where you are less vulnerable to contracting COVID-19, offer to drop of groceries, supplies, or just check in on them. Looking out for those who are especially vulnerable is a true and easy way of showing them God’s love.

We will have a video sermon posted instead of our physical church service as well as a video for KidCity. We will be posting these to our website as well as other social media platforms as we can. We will also be sharing a worship playlist to have on repeat at your home that we hope will encourage you all during this time.

Pastor Jen is finalizing work on the church app we found that will allow us all to communicate (similar to a Facebook feed) sharing prayer requests, chat, discuss the message, etc.

We understand this is a crazy time. We are people of faith knowing God is in control, but we don’t want our faith to be an open door to be foolish during these times. Let us, during this time, use it as a continued opportunity to BE the church and seek the Lord. We love you Motion City Church and will continue to keep everyone informed about what we’re doing during this time.


Pastors Jen, Matt, Blake & Steve